Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Three-Corpse Meal

Thought I'd post the results of our compound-sentence EXQUISITE CORPSES! from today's class:

First corpse:

Once upon a time there was a pretty princess named, Vivien, and
my dog is going to the vet tomorrow; however,
they found a basket of clementine and took it. Whereby,
I have ants in my panties and pelvic hair, yet
everyone thought she was a slut [ouch...such a harsh word!]

Second corpse:

The echo of the shrill cry filled the open field, and
the little boy was scared; however,
Billy started hunting for the deer. Whereby,
The neon-blue leaked through the glass, yet
Joe the farmer sold his duck.
The bright-orange dragonflies danced on the icy water, but
the potato was larger than the puppy.

Third corpse:

Triangles are the best, and
Longcat is long; however,
sex-ed is a very important part of a teen's life. Whereby,
Bill and Joe were happy, yet
the cupcake was delicious.

[Sheer brilliance...all three! G]

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